Setting up the Zendesk integration for Discord

The Zendesk integration for Discord consists of Support Bot installed in your Discord server which is connected to your Zendesk Support instance. It offers streamlined support to your customers in Discord, enabling your users to stay in Discord and your agents in Zendesk.


The integration includes the following features:

• Direct messages with the Support Bot - Once a request is initiated, your users will interact with your support team through direct messages (DMs). Your customer's private details are never shared in your Discord channels.

• Email addresses - The integration collects the user's email address when raising a support request. This allows the user to be identified within Zendesk so your agents have a better context of who raised the ticket.

• Ticket forms - You can leverage ticket forms within the Discord conversation to gather the necessary information upfront, allowing your support team to understand and provide faster and more personalized help to your users.

• Answer Bot -  Answer Bot can be enabled to help resolve questions by automatically providing users with article suggestions from your help center knowledge base.

• Slash commands - End users and admins can view all the available commands and settings for the bot within Discord, so they can quickly and easily interact with the bot.

The Zendesk Discord app is free to use if you are a Zendesk customer on the Zendesk Suite or Support Team plan or higher. 

Currently, the only language supported is English.


This article includes the following topics:

Installing the Zendesk Discord app

Zendesk bot admin commands

Setting up ticket forms for support requests

Deleting the app


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Installing the Support Bot in Discord

To install the bot in your Discord Server, you must have administrator privileges to your Discord server and Zendesk Support.

To install the app:

  1. Create a Discord account and server
  2. In your web browser, go to and click Login through Discord.
  3. On the page to authorize access to your account, select your server, then click Authorize.
  4. In the Enter your Help Center URL field, enter your Zendesk subdomain and click Submit.
  5. Click Authorize with Zendesk Now to connect Discord to your Zendesk account.
  6. Click Allow to accept app permissions.



You can also watch the video to learn how to install the bot


Support Bot admin commands

Slash commands can be entered directly in the Discord channel to view and modify admin settings. The list of commands is shown in the following table.

Command Description
/set list Lists global and local settings for the bot.
/set edit Changes the bot settings. See Configuring Support Bot settings in Discord.
/set reset Resets a setting to the default value.

You can also view a list of commands by entering
/help in the Discord channel.

After entering a command, the bot sends a DM where you can view or modify settings.


Configuring Support Bot settings in Discord

When Support Bot is installed in your Discord server, it will operate on all channels. However, you’ll need to configure settings for each channel.

Configuring the bot is performed directly in Discord by an administrator.

The following settings are available:

Setting Description


The number of tickets that can be created by a user per day. Accepted values are “off” or an integer.


Sets the Discord Roles that can run the bot's admin commands. This is done by specifying Discord roles that are specific to each Discord server.


Enables or disables the use of ticket forms for a support request. Accepted values are “off” or “on”.


Enables or disables Answer Bot in Discord. Accepted values are “off” or “on”. Resolutions from this channel do not count towards the Answer Bot subscription limit.


To configure bot settings

  1. In Discord, select the server where you installed the Zendesk bot.
  2. In the Discord channel, type /set edit. To keep your interactions private, the bot sends a DM with a list of settings to configure.
  3. In the DM, enter the number listed next to the setting.
  4. Enter an accepted value and press Enter.


Setting up Answer Bot in Discord

The Support bot uses Answer Bot, a machine learning feature to answer customer questions with articles from your knowledge base. If Answer Bot cannot provide recommended articles, a support request will be initiated.  

To set up Answer Bot in Discord:

  1. Enable Answer Bot in your Zendesk Support instance.
    For details, see Quickstart guide: Answer Bot in the Zendesk Help Center. 
  2. Follow the To configure bot settings procedure in Configuring Support Bot settings in Discord using the Answer Bot setting.


Setting up ticket forms for support requests

A ticket form is a set of predefined ticket fields for a support request. In Zendesk Support, you can create and manage ticket forms for support requests in Discord. The ticket form is then set using a slash command in Discord

To set up ticket form:

  1. Create a ticket form in Zendesk Support for a support request in Discord. Alternatively, you can use an existing ticket form if it meets your customer support requirements.
    Creating multiple ticket forms to support different request types in the Zendesk help center. 
  2. In the ticket form settings in Support, make sure you select the Editable for end users. checkbox for the ticket form.
  3. In your Discord channel, type /set edit. Support Bot will send a DM with configuration options.
  4. Type 3 to select the ticket form for option. A list of ticket forms is displayed. Example:img-004.png
  5. Enter the value next to the ticket form name you wish to use. Support Bot will confirm the ticket form selected.


Deleting the app

You can remove the Support bot by kicking it from the Discord server.

  1. In the left navigation panel, right-click on the Discord server icon and select Server Settings > Members.
  2. Click on the listed Support bot, and on the right side click the ellipsis icon with three dots, then click Kick Support Bot by Zendesk.
  3. Click Kick to confirm the operation.

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