Using Support Bot in Discord

Support Bot is a bot installed in the Discord server which is connected to Zendesk Support. It offers streamlined support in the Discord server. You can quickly get help using simple slash commands in Discord and through intuitive conversation with the bot.

Zendesk tickets can be raised and interacted with through a direct message (DM), so your support requests are kept private. You can also add more information to a ticket before it is sent to customer support. The bot also provides recommended content from the knowledge base to help answer your questions.

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Zendesk bot user commands

User slash commands can be entered directly in the Discord channel to view and modify your account’s email address, get help, and create, modify, and view tickets. A list of commands is described below.

Setting Description

/email show 

Shows your current email address

/email update 

Updates the email address associated with your tickets


Ask for suggestions to solve any problem you have

/ticket create

Creates a new ticket

/ticket update

Updates a ticket

/ticket list

Lists open tickets


You can also type /help in the Discord channel to view the list of commands.

When you enter a command in the channel, the bot responds in a DM. In the DM, you can view the response or make a request.


Asking for help

You can request help by typing /support in the Discord channel. Support Bot responds in a direct message where you can enter your question. The bot will recommend relevant articles from the knowledge base. If it cannot recommend any articles, a support request is initiated.

Alternatively, you can raise a support request or update comments in an existing ticket.

To create a ticket

  1. In the Discord channel, enter /ticket create.
  2. In the bot’s DM, you are prompted to enter the details for the ticket.
  3. Enter your details and press Enter.

To update a ticket

  1. In the Discord channel, enter /ticket update.
  2. In the bot’s DM, a list of open tickets is displayed.
  3. Type the number next to the ticket and press Enter.
  4. Type your comment and press Enter.

Watch the video to also learn how to create and update tickets

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